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crowson, abc 2 news.
life. and here's abc's linsey davis to tell us. >> reporter: who would you guess is the most stressed out person in america? a fireman? stockbroker? an air traffic controller? think again. chances are you know the person, and she looks something like debbie watkins. >> it's "oh wow, i'm not spending enough time with my mom. "then if i try to spend more time with her, then i'm thinking, "wow, my kids need more of my time, or my husband, or my job." >> reporter: let me give you a headline -- medical experts say this could be the first generation of women who do not outlive their male counterparts by five to seven years. according to the galiup-healthways well-being index, middle-aged american women have the lowest well-being of any age group or sex. and this is why. >> let's go, let's go. >> reporter: debbie gets up with the sun. her kidding still live at home. she works a full-time job. takes her lunch
davis, abc news, new york. >> and bless the caregivers. >>> coming up, alex trebek, what is he doing on crutches? >>> coming up, alex trebek, what is he doing on crutches? the answer ahead. so i wasn't playing role i, but with advair, i'm breathing better so now i can take the lead on a science adventure. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator, working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis
, abc2 news. >> state police are looking for anyone else who might have seen something yesterday on the baltimore washington parkway. >>> you know there have been several arsons and police need your help. charlie tells us how you can help in tonight's crime checker report. >> abc2 is working to help police solve crimes in your neighborhood. each thursday, we profile a dangerous crime hoping that you're going to have information needed to solve it. this week baltimore county police immediate your help solving a string of arsons in the north point area. eight fires were reported, starting around 3:00 in the morning outside an apartment complex on sparrows point road and continuing throughout the day. that went on to include three burned out cars and a dumpster all within a couple blocks of each other. the baltimore county unit -- and the total damages at $50,000. anyone with information is asked to call metro crime stoppers at the number on your screen. 866-7-lockup. you could be eligible for a reward up to $2,000. don't forget, you can see more of our reports by heading to our we
abc2 is working for you. we'll be right back with abc2 news at 5:30. >>> now abc2 news at 5:30. >>> how it was rescued before using up one of its nine lives. and a once in a lifetime opportunity. one sports fan catch with an oriole. so many words to describe the weather outside. it even looks hazy as we look in from our camera. we are running out of adjectives. let's get to wyatt, is there any relief in sight? he has a look at your first steamy forecast. >> there may be some relief in sight, but it's a distant sight. it's on the horizon out there. a ways out. we are going to be as hot, if not hotter tomorrow and right there saturday, again here's some of the high temperatures that our weather net sites, clarksville to 102. middletown hitting 100 and triple digit heat. alexandria, virginia, maybe to 107. here's our heat index values. when you add that humidity in, we are not at record high temperature levels, at least not in the airports. we do have some of the highest heat index values you will ever see around maryland. 113 in dc. that's why we have that heat warning still
6:00 which starts for you right now. >>> now abc2 news at 6:00. >> it is hot out here. we need more ice. >> snowballs, water fountains, it's like we are playing in the heat pyramid. it is hot here in baltimore. tonight meteorologist wyatt everhart is here to tell us how long this is going to last. >> personally for us, the cholesterol changed our lives. it's exactly what she needed. >> could cholesterol be the trick? it could play a role. every breath you take, every move you -- it's ridiculous. it would take your grill 20 minutes to catch up to this. wyatt everhart with your evening forecast. >> jamie, you see some grabs with no heat source. set it on the deck on the sun and two hours later, looking good. these are the current heat index values. they are down 2 degrees in the last 60 minutes, but feeling like 113 at the inner harbor. in annapolis where you have been one of our coolest spots in the mid to low 90s. 103 what you feel like right now. temperatures in the upper 90s. we touched 100 briefly today. that was not a record, but close to it. several hours to even get ba
the area for evidence. this remains a very, very strange mystery. brad bell, abc7 news. >> very strange indeed. brad, thanks. >>> a mother accused of leading heard two-year-old child in the car turned herself into they and karen murphy is now out on bond. the story is generating a lot of attention. kris van cleave is in the newsroom. >> there is no doubt that this was a horrible accident, but prosecutors also believe it was a crying. the prosecutor says he will do everything he can to keep them from tearing apart a grieving family. she left the prince william county courthouse with your husband at her side, refusing to answer questions. she is a veterinarian walking away charged with felony murder and child neglect. she faces a maximum of 40 years in prison for allegedly for getting her nearly three-year- olds on was in the minivan when she parked it and went to work in june. he died after apparently being left in the van for about seven hours, and prosecutors allege this was actually the second time she forgot him, leaving the toddler in the vehicle for about one-half hour back in janu
. >>> there are cooling centers throughout the state. for a list, go to and click on the hot weather guide and click on the find a cooler center article. there, you'll find more information. >>> now, the latest on a shooting near the maryland institute clench of art. a man was attacked she was pistol whipped and shot in the back. he's expected to recover at the hospital the police have no suspect or information or motive in the case. >>> a 14-year-old girl died after being hit by a car after going out from a walk. she's being remembered on facebook. she was walking along the road and she was hit. she died a short time later. she was getting ready for her first year of high school. she was always a positive girl and willing to help anyone. the police are trying to find out what caused this incident. >>> the police arrested three people in a drug bust that seized two dozen marijuana plants and many other drugs. it happened wednesday. the police found the plants and crack cocaine and cocaine prouder and mushrooms and a rifle. the police arrested these three men and charged them with possessio
:30 followed by the funeral at noon with his burial after its conclusion. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> abc2 is working for you right now. we have tips on how to stay safe in the water. the american red cross is giving us these tips and if someone is missing, you check the water first. if the person appears to be drowning, you throw a floatable item to the victim to keep them safe until help arrives. most importantly, call 911. and get involved in a red cross water safety and cpr courses and be prepared just in case. >> john mackey would rip the rings off of his fingers, tell you to put them on, and then he'd say there, you played in a super bowl and you made the hall of fame without taking a hit. before todd heap or shannon sharp, there was number 88 who really invented the tight end position as an offensive weapon. it was his refusal to accept his hall of fame ring in indianapolis. he said he never played there. he played in baltimore. so was to be baltimore where he got his ring from former coach. after his playing dais, he became the first labor leader for all the players. >> there are
, a juror breaks her silence to abc news. what does she think happened? and an abc news exclusive. barbara walters with the attorney who led the battle to set casey anthony free. >>> body bomb a new warning at american airports al qaeda's plan to use the human body in a new way. to smuggle explosives. >>> healthy living. staggering new numbers on women and heart attacks, and the symptoms every woman must know. >>> decembust devil. a monster sand storm swal locals phoenix at 50 miles an hour. >>> and nancy reagan at 90. her life, her love for her husband still today. >>> good evening. it's at if every play we turned today, they were arguing about the casey anthony verdict and what it tells us about the courtroom in america. tonight, a lot of questions are finally being answered. abc news has tracked down the men and women at the very center of this case. including a juror who says, and i ote, i did not say she was innocent. i just said there was not enough evidence. and you'll hear more from that juror in a moment. but first, the man who led the charge to free casey anthony, jose baez. the
powerful men of sexual assault in that new york city hotel room tells abc news, it's an abc news exclusive. what that hotel worker at the center of the storm told abc's robin roberts just moments ago. >>> no deal. even with emergency meetings in washington, tonight, real worries about the real price for americans. all eyes on wall street and your 401(k). >>> in his own words. the gunman in norway in his own video, his own manifesto. tonight we learn who it was, the american, who inspired him. >>> beyond help? as fans mourn the death of amy winehouse, her own father had already written the eulogy. tonight, are some addicts simply beyond help from their own loved ones? >>> and, caught. after learning of a big shark caught off massachusetts this weekend, our correspondent, face to face in the water. >>> good evening on this sunday night. and we begin here with that abc news exclusive. the woman at the center of the storm. the hotel maid who accused one ofofhe world's most powerful men, the french banker dominique strauss-kahn, of sexual assault, in that hotel room here in new york, is now bre
is telling her story publicly for the first time. in an abc news exclusive, nathise tells robin roberts she wants strauss-kahn to go to jail for what he did to her. she has never waver about what she says happened to her in strauss-kahn's hotel room. this story will continue to unfold later this morning. you'll hear from her again during that exclusive interview with robin roberts hours from now on "good morning america." >>> a bitterly divided congress seems as far apart as ever on a deal to raise the debt ceiling. the latest negotiations have collapsed with both sides pointing fingers. investors are beginning to react to the possibility of an unprecedented default by the u.s. stock futures fell this morning in overseas trading pointing to a dismal opening on wall street. here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: after making a final push for a large-scale deal it now appears house speaker john boehner wants something smaller. abc news has learned that boehner told his fellow republicans on a sunday afternoon conference call that president obama is not serious. in a television interview, b
to track the storms live. for more information, go to you'll find the free weather app link. >>> tonight, a seven month old boy is safe, back at home with his family after two days. he and his teen babysitter went missing. they were found in washington, d.c. this morning. it's been a nervewracking day for his family. we have more: >> reporter: kelly, this is a confusing story for the family of the baby, they were relieved he was found safe. now, they're trying to answer disturbing questions about the juvenile who took him. this 7 month old is back at home safe. his family isn't sound with why he disappeared in the first place. >> it makes you sick. it's sick. >> reporter: the father says he has no idea why the 16-year-old would run off with his child. he says he knows her and the last he saw of the two until this afternoon. all that time, worrying if his baby was fed or changed. he came home safe, the family's wondering why and what was running through the babysitter's head. >> i can't imagine her leaving to take the baby. i hope that her intentions were to find the dad. >>
do. brian kuebler, abc 2 news. >>> fire officials tell us this is the 13th drowning in the county so far this year. according to the center of disease control drownings are a huge problem especially when it comes to our kids. cdc officials say every day about ten people die from unintentional drownings. of these two are children age 14 or younger. two of the largest factors for drowning are lack of supervision of children not wearing a life jacket. we have a list of boating safety tips on our website at just click on the spot light section on the right-hand side of your home page. >>> gas prices stayed even for the 4th of july weekend around $3.56 a gallon t. first of 30 million-barrels will be released in the us later this week from the petroleum reserve. >>> we have a traffic alert some friends and family may be high tailing it back to see fireworks tonight. we are going to show you a bay bridge live shot. we understand it is packed already. you can imagine that. you can keep an eye out on the bay bridge traffic on your phone or on our website on look at
>>> now, abc 2 news at 11. >>> did not follow the process. did not interview all of the candidates. >> controversy over an endorsement for the city race. >>> we have two down. >> an abc 2 news exclusive. the dispatch recordings in the moments following a hit-and-run that killed two teens. >>> these women just paid 49 cents for $1,500 in groceries. abc 2 news at 11 starts right now. >>> storms rolled through the area again tonight bringing lightning and strong winds with it. tonight things are calm in downtown baltimore and we are all looking forward to hopefully a pretty good weekend. live in the storm center. what can we expect? hopefully the humidity is gone and the rain will kind of get out of here. >> the last of the rain and the storms are pushing out. we are clear across all of the baltimore area. the beach still getting rocked right now. ases we take a look at flood watches they are still up for deep south maryland. look at some of the rain totals we have seen. more than an inch in most spots. inch and a half in rock hall. millersville reporting more than two and a half inch
rains, and this morning we are looking more clear. but a lot of you have cleanup to do. abc2 news linda so is live with the latest. linda. >> reporter: yeah, they will be spending a lot of time this morning cleaning up the mess here. we are on niagara court. this is a neighborhood in halethorpe hit really hard during the storm last night. you can see the branches blocking the street. you can see where the trees were snapped in half. the force of the storms really did a lot of damage in this neighborhood. on our drive through, we counted about 10 trees that were down just one after another. luckily, we are not hearing of any injuries in this area. but let me show you pretty serious stuff here. it's dark because when the trees came down, they brought down the power lines a lot of these homes without power this morning. but no injuries reported. bge crews were here and they left the scene and will be back in a little bit. but they say it could be a little while before the power comes back on just because of the damage it did in the area. you can see that other tree right there just snapped
and videos to you report at abc 7 or you can e mail them to us. and we have all photos on our web site for you to see. just go to our web site. >> thank you for sending them. >> this has been the scene in sunnyvale. around 2:00 p.m. a dump truck hit the center divide, burst into flames, killing the driver. traffic stopped for hours, and crews cleaned up this scene. the chp expects all lanes opened within the next half hour or so. they told us about 6:30 tonight. >> and san francisco's garbage could be headed to a new dumping ground. after years of planning and months of debate, the board approved a contract to send tons of trash to yuba county. as abc 7 reports there is a lawsuit that could block that deal. there was trash talking at san francisco board of supervisors today over what to do about the city garbage. right now, the nearly thousand tons per day, not recycled or composted is trucked to a landfill in livermore. owned by waste management. but that company's deal with the city expires in 2015. today the supervisors voted to award the new contract to another firm, recology
tonight for plotting a massive attack on troops at a sprawling army base in texas. police t tl abc news the suspect is 21-year-old private naser abdo, a muslim raised in texas, already facing court martial. his plan included multiple bombs and a shooting rampage near ft. hood, the sight of that massacre two years ago. and it was all this warted by a retired cop p at worked in a gunshot. abc's ryan owens is inside that gun shop tonight. ryan? >> reporter: good evening to you, diane. police believe the attack was actually supposed to happen today. as you said, it was this warted when this young soldier came all the way here to texas, he was based in ft. campbell, kentucky, and stopped at this gun store. the clerk here had a feeling he might be up to no good. investigators say this young soldier has been battling the army almost since he joined it. >> i don't want to deploy because i believe i can't both deploy and be a muslim. >> reporter: 21-year-old naser abdo didn't want to fight in afghanistan but sources say he was more than willing to cause bloodshed at home. after being arrested, h
>>> now abc2 news-- >> tonight, do hope nothing in your home will break. we will look at the storm damage the map why is the fbi on facebook faced with a search warrant for phylicia barnes? >>> abc2 news at 11:00 starts right now. >>> trees are down everywhere and some routes with holes in them. they got sort of called down and are in disarray. >> the severe storms like that came down in dundalk have diminished but still have some thunderstorms firing as we speak and could have more storms overnight and plenty more tomorrow. we have to get to the weekend. the bottom line is there are still some storms. we have been tracking these all evening. there is one significant storm right there. on the northwest side of town right now, basically extending north of downtown all the way up to jfx and northwestern side of town, let zoom in here. randallstown all the way back up through new york growth comes together on the north side of the beltway -- other than this particular storm, there is a lot out there statewide. one renegade storm on the northern edge of hartford county where we had som
. live in towson, linda so, abc2 news. >>> if you receive a phone call from police, you live around route 543 in harford county. they say don't be surprised. maryland state police are using the phones to get information on a fatal crash. sherrie johnson joins us this morning to explain the calls. sherrie. >> reporter: it's fast and efficient and gets the word out to a lot of people. this morning maryland state police are using robo calls to gather witness information. they are trying to figure out if anyone in the bel air area saw the fatal crash. it happened last thur after ten in the morning on route 543 near foxborough drive. it was a head on crash and involved two cars. a gray 2002 chrysler and a 2010 white lexus. one woman was pronounced dead on the scene and three others people were hurt and rush to the hospital. the damage from the head on collision was so bad that police are having a tough time figuring out exactly what happened. so, maryland state police are using automated robo calls to find people who saw the crash observe driver behavior or who may have surveillance video near
continues. abc7 news begins in 60 seconds. >>> a fire pumping out a thick black cloud of smoke. >> and eight hours after it started, firecrews were pouring gallons of water on the hotspot. >> all was happening in solano county at the plant in fairfield. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm carolyn johnson. there are no serious injuries, but for much of the day residents within a mile were asked to stay indoors. >> abc7's lisa amin gulezian is live. we will start with the fire itself. john has that. john, it took hours to put this thing out. >> yes, and finally dan and carolyn, firefighters stopped pouring water on one of the trouble spots. the fairfield fire marshal says this inferno was n -- was an accident caused by employees doing welding near the stacks and stacks of plastic bins behind this plant. even after the monster fire was put out, flare ups continued through the late afternoon and early evening. about five hours after the flames erupted behind macro plastics, investigators pointed the finger at workers. >> we've confirmed with the business owners and the employees on site tha
thought our bodies were getting a break as we sleep, they're not. abc's matt gutman traveling with the system all week reports in tonight from philadelphia. matt, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you, david. 100 degrees still smothers this city. and across the country, this heat has caused nearly two dozen deaths in the past 24 hours alone. and many of the hospspals were spoke to are reporting a four-fold increase in heat related cases. at this hospital in boston, a near record number of patients in the er today. >> most people complain of dizziness, weakness, fatigue. and the heat will be playing a role in their particular acute or chronic illness. >> reporter: it's not just people being knocked out but infrastructure is taking a beating, too. heat so intense, it bent these union pacific rail lines as if they were made of rubber. cracked these building foundations in tulsa. and closed the crown of the statue of liberty. and it's not just blistering during the day. nearly 100 cities tied or set records for high temperatures overnight this month. and it's effecting th
broke the story here on abc. a man flies cross-country using a stolen boarding pass. how did he beat the system? and on another flight, a stowaway scorpion unleashes its sting. >>> personal revelation. presidential candidate michele bachmann shares the story of her miscarriage. how it changed her. what it means for her rising campaign. >>> healthy living. the new thinking about heart disease. why intense exercise even after a heart attack might just be the answer. >>> and, royal welcome. the world's most famous newlyweds come our way on their first foreign tour. the clothes, the crowds and their party plans for california. >>> good evening. we begin tonight with a stunning security breach at one of america's busiest airports. a story we broke first on abc news. a nigerian man talked his way through security checkpoints with an invalid i.d., someone else's day-old boarding pass and ten more stolen boarding passes in his suitcase. so how did he manage to fly y om new york to l.a.? why did it take days to arrest him? and what does this security breakdown mean for all of us? traveling th
republican bailed out last night, saying, it's time for a smaller plan. on abc's "this week," the white house chief of staff said the president isn't giving up. >> he is not someone to walk away from a tough fight. this is a very tough political fight. no question about it. but he didn't come to this town to do little things. he came to do big things. >> reporter: how big? the president was willing to put social security, considered a sacred cow to democrats, on the table. as well as major changes to the tax code. his plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion. twice what republicans propose. here's the standoff. while republicans like the idea of cutting hundreds of billions of dololrs from medicaid, medicare and social security, democrats don't. >> we do not support cuts in benefits. >> reporter: and republicans refuse the president's plan to increase taxes, revenue, by cutting subsidies on oil and gas companies and closing tax loopholes for other businesses. >> to get a big package would require a big tax increase. we think it's a terrible idea. it's a job killer. >> reporter: so, republica
had to pump water from a pond a half mile away. jeff hager, abc2 news. >>> and don't forget, for all of the severe weather coverage, go to >>> now, a story you'll see on abc2 news. it's been weeks since a hit-and- run accident took the lives of two teens in baltimore. we're learning more about the moments after the crash. 911 tapes obtained exclusively by abc2 news shows the car pulled over after the hit-and- run. it was traced back to a four door lincoln driven by a woman from severn. tragically, the tapes indicate that the victims in the hit-and- run were essentially killed on impact, dying before being taken to shock trauma. >> we are positive that both of them are dead, right? >> yeah, that's a 10-4. no chance of survival. >> we'll have more on what we learned listening to the dispatch tapes including confusion saying that the victims were shot, not hit. >>> six, five -- all three engines are burning. space shuttle spreads its wings one final time. >> with that, the last shuttle mission launched into space. 30 years and 135 missions, the end of the era has arrived.
-dollars. today they plan to look at how things have change and how we can keep people safe. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> flabs say -- neighbors say someone is walking around looking for unlocked car doors. they will make a mess of things and steal things. gps, ipads and cash have been some of the things. a burglar could make their way inside. >> that's why thieves are honestly evil, because they break down society. abc2 contacted police to see a if there were other break-ins. >>> authorities are trying to discover if a string of robberies were connected. an attendant is hospitalized. baltimore county officers are also looking into robberies at a seven 11. don't forget, you can track the crime in your neighborhood by going to our website at we have the latest, again, >>> police have identified the man killed in a small plane crash in st. mary's last week. he's 55 years james michael dayton of meekicsville. the pilot was 53-year-old nicholas mirales. >>> a maryland marine severely wounded in iraq has a new place to call home. it was built as whole chair accessible. in
captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd this is abc7 breaking news. >> breaking news from india where three explosions have rocked mumbai. the blast happened in a crowded market neighborhood and business district. at least 17 people have been killed and eight others injured in the attacks. it video from the scene at showed some of the damage from the explosions. we will have more information on of the story as it develops and keep you posted. nearly 20 years after 9/11, passengers are still not safe. that is the word from a stunning new congressional investigation which shows that thousands of people have managed to slip through airport security. brianne carter is live at reagan national airport to explain what is going wrong. >> according to this latest report, a security breach affected each of 170,000 passengers for the last decade the tsa says that these numbers can be misleading. this comes days after an issue warning by the tsa and months before the anniversary of the september 11 attacks. at airports across the country screenings
>>> wyatt everhart in the abc 2 system. things have settled down. >> it was ugly for a while. like the sky opened up. >> the weather and briefly a tornado warning up in harford county, one of those nights, heat-driven storms. one severe thunderstorm warning for caroline county, that's what we're looking at right now, the bottom line is a severe thunderstorm warning, caroline county over delaware, kent and sussex county, in the clear now, a severe thunderstorm watch. queen anne will be taken down fairly rapidly. maryland's most powerful radar tracking these things all night. you can see the concern that's left of this storm line as it weakens. again, stuff to thiele with a few more minutes to the night. tonight though, a big time heat situation tomorrow coming up. >> all right wyatt. well it's a baltimore tradition on a hot night like this to just sit out on your porch or on your steps and catch a breeze. that was the game plan until storm clouds arrived and you're welcome mat. here is one steamy and stormy night. rosy. >> it was a hot and steamy night jamey all over the area as fol
about that hotel worker. abc's bianna golodryga leads us off this evening. >> reporter: good evening, david. it's a stunning reversalle of fortune for strauss-kahn. abc news can confirm he is inside this townhouse he's renting. a bit ironic, it's been two months since he's allowed to travel at all. now he can, as long as he stays in the u.s. >> thank you, your honor. >> reporter: after thanking the judge, dominique strauss-kahn left court today with his arm around his wife's shoulder, released on his own recognizance. it's been nearly two months since the former imf chief was taken off a paris-bound flight, after being accused of sexually assaululng a hotel maid. the surprising turn of events came after prosecutors acknowledged serious questions about the credibility of the ape accuser. >> all of this has caused us to reassess the position about the strength of the case. >> reporter: among the information -- financial and phone records revealing possible ties between the alleged victim and an alleged drug dealer. involvement in criminal activity, including money laundering. and that
in the news this sunday morning, july 24th, abc7 as exclusive new pictures of the two men arrested in the beating beth of brian stow, giants fan. tomorrow the men are expected in court for arraignment. >>> hundreds of gay couples got married in new york at midnight and same-sex marriage became legal. >> plenty of clouds around will you late clearing. >> thank for joining us, i'm carolyn tyler. formal arraignment tomorrow for the two men arrested in the severe beating of giants fan brian stow. louie sanchez and marvin norwood are accused of committing the brutally tack on dodger stadium on opening day. brian stow, a paramedic from santa cruz, remains hospitalized after that attack on march 31st. we have an exclusive look at the two men arrested thursday and we have an update on brian stow's condition. >> reporter: these photographs from our los angeles sister station showed 29-year-old louie sanchez and 30-year-old marvin norwood. charges were filed against them friday for the march 31st attack at dodger stadium on brian stow. each face three counts, aggravated assault, mayhem and
in the stifling heat gripping this nation. >>> also tonight, an abc news exclusive. brian ross on the new warning sent out, potential terrorists on the inside. targeting america's power plants, gas lines, even nuclear facilities. >>> the shark attack. a little girl in a foot and a half of water, attacked, in critical condition tonight. >>> campaign headache. new questions tonight and a new answsw from republican star michele bachmann, about her migraines and medication. does it matter if you want to be president? >>> broken promise. a worst nightmare come true for retirees, stunned after being told those promised pensions? time to give them back. >>> and to borrow a phrase, what would you do? you'll want to hear what husbands across this country told us today when we asked, would your wife do this? >>> good evening. we begin this wednesday night with that breaking news. the dangerous heat wave has now turned deadly. there are reports tonight that at least 22 people have died in the heat. this is more than 200 million americans suffering, trapped under what meteorologists are calling a giant heat
, it would all come down to those penalty kicks. abc's deborah roberts is on assignment in frankfurt tonight. deborah, it was heartbreaking. >> reporter: david, what a night here in frankfurt. two agonizing hours. many soccer fans are no doubt reaching for the antacids tonight. it was a nail-biter of a world cup match. they don't get much better than this. of course, so many of us thought it would be america's night. but in the end, the japanese were just too powerful. i spoke with two soccer players earlier this evening, they said, they gave it their all and they said they feel very proud of the job that they did for america, but in the end, it was just not to be. and, of course, it was a cinderella story that is now something for the history books. >> it is japan's world cup! >> reporter: it was an ending no one expected. a team that came out of nowhere and became world champions. before the shattering loss, american fans were confident. >> i think it's going to be 3-1. honestly, i think it's going to be about 3-1. >> reporter: this victory was supposed to belong to the americans. athletic
>>> it's 11:00. do you know where your children are? >> now, abc 2 news at 11:00. >>> they can't supply enough power for these neighborhoods. obviously. it's gone out too many times. >> we started reporting this, and bge finds the switch. >> shots fired, police called, wait until you hear what happened after they left and why neighbors want answers. >> smoking in the boys room is one thing. smoking most with the principal in his office is another thing. >>> in the dark for hours at a time and now one harford community is starting to see the light. >> that's right. be ge crews are working days after we showed you ongoing problems. cheryl conner is working for you tonight. >> a spokeswoman for bge tells me the work to improve the power problems in forest hill began a year ago but today underground lines were put in after clients had aired their frustration. the garbage can at the can quigley home is filled with untouched food. >> 2 1/2 gallons there, a pack of chicken. >> reporter: ariza quigley stocked up buying more than $400 in groceries before the power went off on friday aga
. the heat is spreading from the rockies to the east coast with more to come. and abc's yungi de nies is at lake arlington, texas, tonight, where that lake is disappearing by the day. yungi. >> reporter: absolutely, diane. this dry lake bed is all that's left of lakekerlington after so many days of record breaking heat. normally, the water would be up above my head, up to the topf this pole, but it's lost so much, and now it's losing two inches every day. the images are astounding. where water should be, now only cracking mud and dry dust. and the exact same thing is happening all over the state. this is lake travis in central texas before the drought and here it is now. the bathtub ring an eerie reminder of what was. on the shores of lake arlington, andrew jones is trying to fish in the shrinking waters. >> we're in drought conditions but i didn't think it was this bad. i didn't think the lake would be this low. >> reporter: in southwest oklahoma, hal mcknight's fish ponds are evaporating in front of him, so he's moving his fish save them.r water, by hand, to >> we do have dry hot su
can see on our clock, the finger-pointing is continuing, the brinksmanship is dragging on. and abc's jim avila tonight on the growing anger in america and anxiety. >> reporter: make no mistake. the nation's capitol is getting an earful on e-mail and e phone. this is what you get when you dial the white house. the masses telling washington, deadlock on the nation's debt is not acceptable. >> we're in the thousands here. the staff is besieged. >> reporter: calling the people they elected to congress. >> move away from the rigid position. >> reporter: -- and the senate. some pushing a specific agenda. >> i'll certainly pass it along to the senator. >> reporter: but most just wanting a solution. >> this is a mess. you guys have made a mess of everything. fix it. >> reporter: last night's primetime rhetorical duel between the democratic president and republican speaker of the house seemed to enflame americans. >> i called yesterday. i'll call again tomorrow. i'll call as many times as it takes. >> reporter: today, abc news heard from many, telling washington on our twitter and facebook
security and they arrested 56-year-old lucinda moyers as she left the hotel. she agreed to talk to abc 7 news off camera from jail. >> why do you think you were arrested? >> because of my record. maybe because it was alex trebek. i haven't done nothing or gone in his room or nothing. just like i said that night i wasn't in your room and i stick by that i was innocent it your phone. >> police found trebek's cell phone and wallet stashed by an ice machine near the hotel. >> we got most of our stuff back except for the one piece of jewelry that i ever wear, a bracelet my mother gave me many years guy so that is gone and the cash. >> reporter: the 72-year-old game show host is scheduled to have surgery to repair that achilles tendon on friday. leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >>> governor brown vetoed a bill this week that would have kept adult daycare centers operational throughout the state. another bit of fallout from california's budget troubles these days. nannette miranda reports from sacramento. >> once the model for the nation to keep the elderly and disabled out of expensive nursing hom
, and it is amazing a high temperature of 95 can look so good. reporting live from silver spring, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. >> thank you very much. the heat can turn dangerous quickly. we have more from shady grove hospital in rockville. >> amazingly, at shady grove hospital told me they have not seen a significant increase in trips to the e.r. that are heat- related. but the elderly and those with respiratory problems are at greater risk. and also those who are pregnant. she is pregnant with twins. she ended up at shady grove hospital today after nearly collapsing at a bus stop. >> i was weak, shaking. >> were you worried about going into labor? >> yes, i was. >> and that can happen, doctors say. >> you get more dehydrated. and dehydration can lead to labor. >> by increasing the level of a hormone that stars contractions. but everyone at -- but everyone is at risk in temperatures this high. everyone was hightailing it to someone cooler. >> i just went in neihaus. -- in the house. >> montgomery county even at deploying its emergency bus. >> this is critical. critical to the rehab efforts. we have to
'll tell you, when we go inside the jailhouse nursery. >>> and, a stolen life. a major abc news exclusive. in her first ever interview, jaycee due jgard, kidnapped and held for 18 years, shares her story with abc's diane sawyer. she talks about giving birth in captivity -- >> i felt like i wasn't alone anymore. >> and how she made it through. >> you just do what you have to do to survive. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," july 8th, 2011. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. we begin with today's british invasion. earlier tonight, heir to the british throne, prince william, and his bride, kate, the duchess of cambridge, arrived in los angeles as part of their north american visit. kate's f fst trip to the u.s. they were greeted with an unusual amount of hoopla for hollywood outsiders. since their wedding in april, watched by more than 1 billion people around the world, kate, in particular, has blossomed into a source of global fascination. abc's bob woodruff has been on the road wit
>>> now, abc 2 news at 5:30. >>> loved by everybody here in town. >> use this word, class. >> saying good bye to a first lady. >> those children i feel very certain would be alive if there had been a trunk release in the vehicle. >> every summer a child dies after being trapped in a hot car and in some cases in a hot trunk. >>> your child's social security number is an easy target for thieves and scammers. we are showing you some of the simple ways you can keep your child's identity safe. >>> first a fitting fairwell for a first lady who put her own personal stamp on a very public position. betty ford is being remembered as a ground breaking woman with class and compassion. more on her legacy. >> it was a solemn and sad day of remembrance in palm desert, california as betty ford's funeral procession made its way. ford personalized the role of first lady. >> she is an institution loved by everybody here in town. >> got to use this word, class. >> reporter: in her hometown of grand rapids, michigan. >> it is cool to be a part of history and to teach my children to show resp
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